torsdag 27 augusti 2009

Vehicle Maintenance

A swedish military car gets repaired sometime in the 1940s. An m/94 carbine is leaned against the front bumper.

I scanned the photo from motor magazine "Vi Bilägare". Hope they can forgive me. But, they asked for it since they committed the unforgivable sin of publishing without mentioning the Mauser at all! The car is cool, but it isn´t the main attraction of the image.

I think this carbine never got the bayonet lug. It looks as if it is cocked(?).


tisdag 11 augusti 2009

Range Report Again

Another trip to the range, and I took both my m/96 rifles with me. I discovered that the frozen sandbag from my range trip back on March was in fact stuffed with sawdust! It had a leak.

The above group was shot with the 1944 with a diopter sight. I used a more suitable sight insert for the Elit Kornring, as well as a smaller diameter aperture ring for it - but it didn´t get much better. Next time I will install the smallest ring I have (same diameter as the tube itself) and an even smaller diameter ring insert. I need more light around the kornring + an insert that matches the target better. You diopter shooters know what I mean. Not that I shot bad, but it didn´t feel comfortable at all when aiming.

I also took a few shots with the 1918, and got surprised as usual with the difference in results using a diopter vs. the issue iron sights. Groups were bigger. If you haven´t shot one of these with a peep sight, you should! Big improvement!

I just wish I had more time to spent at the range. I want to experiment with diopter and front sight inserts as well as aperture rings to get the maximum results at 100 meters. I also would like to bring some stuff to get a decent shooting position, that sawdust thing should be used as a target instead.

Higher Front Sight Blade for My 1918 m/96

My 1918 Carl Gustaf shoots way too high at 100 meters. All swedish mausers were originally sighted in for 300 meters with a quite low front sight blade. My rifle had a "0" stamped on the front sight base, indicating that it originally had a blade marked that way.

Today, 90 years later, an +0,5 blade was there. Installed a little bit to the right to shoot where intended. The original blade had a small line in it, showing the exact sideways position in relation to the line on the base, this blade hadn´t. I drifted it out carefully.

Then I took a high +2,5 blade from the parts bin and installed it slightly right of center.

As you can see in the pic to the right, the blade is a lot higher than a stock 300 meters blade.

How did it shoot then?

Well, it is not perfect, it now shoots 20 cm below point of aim! I need to check the parts bin again and do some experimentation!

If you are looking for sight blades for these rifles, you should know that the different numbers don´t mean much at all. They make no sense if you don´t know what swedish mauser model they are made for. Measure their height instead.


Söderin Diopter Sunshade

This is an m/Söderin diopter sight with a sunshade installed. This is a nice accessory that mounts directly on the front surface of the diopter housing.

This particular one resides on my Husqvarna m/96. It is a bit unususal as it is not cut to enable more extreme adjustments of the elevation. Most I´ve seen seems to be. As you can see here, the sight has the yellow elevation disc for the 790 m/s 6.5x55 139 grain M-41 military ammo.