lördag 24 januari 2009

Weapons Vise for Swedish Mauser

This is a must have. A weapons vise for cleaning and repair of rifles and carbines. It was bolted to the tables of old army barracks.

Mine is supposed to be the rare armourers version, it has holes in the sides as well. I don´t know if it´s really correct, because all three vises I have seen have been this model - indicating that the side hole version is the most common one (???). Nice acessory anyway. It fits an m/96 rifle a bit better than an m/94 carbine, the carbine is a bit thinner top to bottom. (Note the m/94 cabine cleaning kit to the right in the last pic.)

I have put a small piece of cleaning patch there to aviod damaging the blued receiver surface. I suppose that this was the way it is supposed to be done. None of my swedish mausers have marks from the "arm" of the vise anyway.

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m/94 Ammo Pouch

Here´s an m/94 ammo pouch, made to hold 4 stripper clips. The quality of this item is striking - it is very well made, true workmanship. It even has spring loaded brass flaps to hold the 6,5 mm cardridge clips extra firmly in place.

And while we´re on the subject of clips: I think they are great at the range! A trained soldier must have been able to get a quite high rate of fire using them. Also, a nice feature that I didn´t know before, is that the clip itself ejects when the bolt is pushed forward after the magazine has been filled. No need to remove it by hand in a combat situation.

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lördag 3 januari 2009

Soldier with m/94 taking cover behind doghouse

This is a cool pic published at helsingborgs dagblads website, showning a swedish soldier with his m/94 swedish mauser carbine.

To be absolutely sure not to get hit by mortar fire, he hides behind what looks like a doghouse!

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