torsdag 5 januari 2012

Beyond the Border

Rather new swedish movie. A swedish soldier disappears into nazi occupied Norway. his brother leads a rescue team to locate him. Lots of violent m/96 scenes.

Kind of dark movie. Well worth buying/downloading. It is available from amazon, just search for the title.

It doesn´t rival Saving Private Ryan, but it is quite interesting for anyone into swedish surplus equipment, mausers, "white lightning" skiis, twin m/36 machineguns, old Volvo trucks and stuff like that.

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Anonymous Gustav sa...

Fan, och jag som var skeptisk! Sen har jag glömt bort den. Måste omgående se.

13 januari 2012 12:11  
Anonymous glock dual action springs sa...

The movie is jampacked with action and stunts.

25 januari 2012 03:29  
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