fredag 10 juli 2009

A Number of Different Front Sight Blades

The Swedish Mauser rifles were sighted in for 300 meter use, and the average sight blades used were quite low. I have a number of different blades, as seen in the picture.

Some of my blades are super high +3, +2,5, + 2 and one or two items are super low, the numbers slips my mind right now. The high ones would probably work at 100 meters.

These new-old-stock blades are hard to come by today. If you are looking for a high blade for 100 meter shooting, check brownells for a high blade you can file down to fit your requirements.

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Pramm Diopter Setup

Here is a Pramm diopter sight with its matching front tunnel, also marked Pramm. There are several variations of both the rear and front sight, an I believe these two are the most common types.

The front sight is to be combined with a fat diopterkorn (I think ring types vere also available) och a high front sight blade. There are at least two types of Pramm tunnels that I don´t have in my collection yet, one has a stop screw from beneath and the other one has an aluminum cover that screws in from the front.

I intend to narrow down my collecting habit to Pramm stuff only. There is also a cool Pramm leaf type micrometer sight very similar to the AGJ Ram, but I haven´t managed to find a complete one yet at a reasonable price.

The setup in the picture will most likely end up on my 1918 Carl Gustaf.

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