tisdag 11 augusti 2009

Range Report Again

Another trip to the range, and I took both my m/96 rifles with me. I discovered that the frozen sandbag from my range trip back on March was in fact stuffed with sawdust! It had a leak.

The above group was shot with the 1944 with a diopter sight. I used a more suitable sight insert for the Elit Kornring, as well as a smaller diameter aperture ring for it - but it didn´t get much better. Next time I will install the smallest ring I have (same diameter as the tube itself) and an even smaller diameter ring insert. I need more light around the kornring + an insert that matches the target better. You diopter shooters know what I mean. Not that I shot bad, but it didn´t feel comfortable at all when aiming.

I also took a few shots with the 1918, and got surprised as usual with the difference in results using a diopter vs. the issue iron sights. Groups were bigger. If you haven´t shot one of these with a peep sight, you should! Big improvement!

I just wish I had more time to spent at the range. I want to experiment with diopter and front sight inserts as well as aperture rings to get the maximum results at 100 meters. I also would like to bring some stuff to get a decent shooting position, that sawdust thing should be used as a target instead.

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Anonymous Gustav sa...

Det går ju åt rätt håll i alla fall! Progressivitet i bakåtsträvan.

12 september 2009 14:51  

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