onsdag 25 juni 2008

1907 Carl Gustaf m/94

I have a new addition to my humble collection, a rifle that is somewhat rare here in Sweden: a m/94 cavallery carbine! A very cool little rifle with a total length of 95 cm, very small and handy. Too bad someone has made a sporter out of it a long time ago. Therefore, I have gotten myself a stock too!

The poor 1907 CG was once a cavallery m/94. At some point in time it had its stock shortened and the holes for the sling were filled in. Also, it got equipped with a side mounted scope and a rare hellqvist "Jaktdiopter", a very low profile reciever mounted peep sight. Also, the bolt handle is longer than stock and bent in a slightly different angle. It also has a "ergonomic" abdomination in the form of a big sissy plastic ball.
Check the nice wood work below, it can´t really be bubbas work, can it? It is noticable in the pic, but I didn´t see it at first when I inspected the carbine. very discreete.

The plan is to remove all unnecessary aftermarket stuff and drop the reciever+ barrel in the original configuration stock. That stock is an old Oberndorf item from the very first batch of carbines delivered to Sweden in 1895. It is (was) a beautiful piece of walnut, bearing the serial number 103. What a shame someone way back made a sporter out of it! The stock has never been fitted with the bayonet nosepiece. It has also at some point been converted to a kammarkarbin, and later on converted back again - go figure. Proof of this is black paint under the "belt", and a filled in gallery sight hole. I will post detailed pics of the stock and its markings later on.

I took it to the range a week ago. It grouped around 1 inch from a bench. It did kick me HARD! I was very surprised by this, it was worse than my grandfathers Husky 9,3x62! My shoulder is still yellow. I believe the reason is that the scope is mounted kind of high - it makes the shooter hold the stock to his shoulder in a different way than intended. I think it will make a nice shooter when used with the open sights.

To restore it I need a front sight blade and a handguard. If you have anything to sell, please comment here. I am not looking to make a perfect restoration, so worn items are OK.