torsdag 27 augusti 2009

Vehicle Maintenance

A swedish military car gets repaired sometime in the 1940s. An m/94 carbine is leaned against the front bumper.

I scanned the photo from motor magazine "Vi Bilägare". Hope they can forgive me. But, they asked for it since they committed the unforgivable sin of publishing without mentioning the Mauser at all! The car is cool, but it isn´t the main attraction of the image.

I think this carbine never got the bayonet lug. It looks as if it is cocked(?).


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Anonymous Anonym sa...

Hi, just found you blog. Some very good information - thank you.

27 augusti 2009 21:19  
Blogger Bambibasher sa...

Looks like it has had the fore end cut back for some reason!

21 oktober 2010 08:54  

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