tisdag 30 september 2008

Elite Front Sight Installed

Here we have my 1944 "FSR" Husky. The front sights pictured are for diopter use - my new Elit to the left, a korntunnel m/Jarno with a diopterkorn installed on the rifle and an early Pramm to the right.

I removed the jarmo and installed the Elit. It turned out that the Elit was full of glue! Not again! The glue fetish seems to have been really common among gunsmiths of the 50s and 60s. Some heat took it away, and here´s what the mussle looks like today:

I feel that sight picture is alot better with the Elit unit. And what is a diopterkorn? Well, it is a fatter and taller front sight blade for use with a tunnel type front sight cover. To be used with products lacking disc inserts.

I have to take a trip to the range soon. And I must take daylight pictures for my posts, these are too dark.

Swedish Mauser Cleaning Bolt

This is a special cleaning bolt, the idea is to avoid damaging the barrel during cleaning. An added bonus of course, is that the magazine won´t get filled with vapenfett 101! The smell of that stuff results in tears among male swedes of older generations.

The reason could be som kind of nostalgic rush or more likely (and less dangerous for the individual) the poisonous fumes coming from the can.

As far as I know, other countries like Germany used wooden cleaning bolts. Due to the swedish tradition of precision engineering and over all pickyness/white gloves inspection type stuff, a nice snugly fitting checkered metal bolt was issued.

onsdag 24 september 2008

Moose Encounters CG 63

My dad got to shoot a quite big moose last Sunday - of course he used his trusty CG 63!

The story is kind of funny - the 3 dogs they used searched each other out instead, started a big fight and ran off into another area. One of the guys then let his labrador give it a try - the dog managed to track down a moose and push it in the direction where my old man was positioned. One bullet from his scoped 1902 CG, and the labrador got very happy!

fredag 5 september 2008

Carbine project finished, for now anyway

OK, here´s what it looks like, my de-sporterized 1907 m/94 in it´s new old stock. What I intend to do next is to replace the bent and welded bolt. And also weld and reblue the reciever, as it is D&T:d for both side mounted scope and a diopter.

I am pleased with how it turned out, it´s a very handy rifle! It looks old and very worn from use, and I think it should after 100 years. The stock has a real man´s smell, from cosmoline and cigar smoke - wife doesn´t like it at all. I will go shooting it in its new appearance in a few days.

Above is the more "stock" looking left side. It has smooth marks from many years of getting rubbed against the leather plate that the cavalry had protecting their backs.

This is the original style sight I was missing. I got it from a very nice guy named Brian from the US - we did a trade: I sent a cleaning bolt and got a rear sight!

Here is the knob thing for the bayonet. In 1914 a program converting all existing carbines into accepting bayonets was started, and something like 90% got modified like this. Mine, made in 1907, was obviously one of them. Here is a pic on my other stock, with the old style nosepiece.

The barrel is in a GREAT condition. It is probably a replacement, stamped with the complete serial number and an "S" with a crown - it means that it had work done by the Stockholm army workshop.