söndag 28 december 2008

GF Diopter Sight

This one seems to be very popular. It was approved by the military for use on the m6 and m7 CG63 versions. The GF was introduced in 1965, and manufactured at the Carl-Gustaf plant.

It could also be ordered by civilians as an option for their CG63 rifles. The installation requires more modifications to the receiver than a "normal" diopter sight does. For the GF elevation to reach its lowest point, a groove has to be milled into the receiver.

For information on disassembly and assembly, click here for an interesting post on the swede section of the gunboards forums. The post also contains a number of attached scanned images of the original instruction manuals.


Fäldt Diopter

This is the Fäldt mod.2 diopter sight. Probably a 40s design, I read somewhere that it was included in army trials for use on the m/96. Could be a rumour.

Anyway, it´s a simple and functional design. The Fäldt is a very low profile unit, even more compact in size than a GF diopter! I think it looks kind of mean - if Darth Vader had an m/96 rifle, this would be his first choice!

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söndag 21 december 2008

Shooting m/96 and CG 63

Me and my old man went to the range to try out my 1944 Husqvarna m/96 with a Söderin diopter and an Elit front globe. I shot 2 inch groups at 100 meters.

The trigger was very different from my other mausers, very light pressure needed here. It feels like this rifle has been blueprinted in comparison to my heavy trigger carbine. Also, the barrel bands came off all the time. It turned out that the metal strip that secures them had been carefully sawed off - making it possible for the bands to be removed a bit by hand. Thereby letting the barrel become less restricted in its movements. What is this? Some old cheater trick to shoot better in competitions?

I also tried the scoped CG 63 my dad is using. It knocks down moose in the autumn. It turned out that shot I well with it: best five shot group was 1/2 inch + a flyer.

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torsdag 18 december 2008

Christmas Shootout

The big fireballs from the muzzle a carbine can be very impressive a cloudy day such as this! We also shot some silly 5,56mm and 9mm semi automatics, but the loud blasts from the m/94 dominated the scene.

A lot of fun! My carbine is a shooter first and foremost and no collectors item - we went through a few very fast 30 meter series on military figure targets. I also tried it with the loooong sword like bayonet attatched, but this was a windy day so it actually caught wind - and made shooting tricky! Off it went.

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torsdag 11 december 2008

Lyman 48(M) Mauser Diopter Sight

The Lyman 48(M) was produced between 1911 and 1947. The "M" stamped at the side of the base indicates that it fits a Mauser reciever. As far as I know, it can be installed on both small and big ring recievers. Some say they also fit Husqvarna hunting rifles as well.

The Lyman 48 were the finest target sights made by the firm. They were factory installed on Carl Gustaf fm23 and fm23/36 match rifles from the 20s and 30s - so, this is an obviously an old peep sight design.

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Hauges Diopter Sight For Swedish Mauser

Above is a norwegian Hauges Diopter sight, produced in the 1950s. According to some sources I´ve seen, these sights were considered as being the best diopter design available for these rifles.

The reason for this is that the top part of the Hauges can be removed without having to use tools at all. The flat spring on the right can be pulled out to disengage the long elevation screw, then the top can be lifted off. The Hauges is installed with screwes through the reciever side, just like a Lyman or Busk design. In the pic above is an earlier variant, looking a bit different than the later version below. In general, the early ones had more milled parts and the late ones made more use of castings.

The Hauges required removal of some stock wood at the side of the reciever, and the drilling and tapping of two holes. As with all diopter sights this MUST be done by a skilled gunsmith.

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