torsdag 21 oktober 2010

Some Old m/94 Surplus Ammo

Here is some old surplus ammo for the swedish mauser. Some modern day swedish shooters believe it to be corrosive, but this is of course not true. Look down the shining bore of your 90 year old m/96 rifle and judge for yourself...

The red sticker says: "Help reduce military spending. Pick up your casings and clips".


Almina Target Practice Device

Here´s a fun accessory for the swedish mauser - an Almina target practice device. This is a very clever construction that uses a series of rods to transfer the impact from the firing pin to a needle punching holes in a small paper target.

I found a complete set a year ago, but tried it out just recently. And it does work! A presicion machined device like this would be very expensive to manufacture today. But, it is of course A LOT cooler than any computer target practice program!

The Almina takes a few minutes to assemble and calibrate, but it is very easy to use. My kit is complete except for the manual. I found a great guide HERE, and assembly instructions HERE. There are a few cool pics in a swedish tread HERE.

I´ll post a range report sometime in the future!

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