måndag 23 februari 2009

Elit Kornring Front Sight

This is the complete Elit Kornring front sight set.

The kornring came with 3 different aperture rings, as seen above - 20,5, 22 and 23 mm. There are also a number of different inserts that are unique to this particular brand of front sight. I think I have most inserts, here are six of them anyway.

This kornring is very close to mint condition, do doubt thanks to the protective plastic cover. There is also a cover for the diopter itself, but covers are seldom seen for some reason.

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Elit Diopter Manual

Here´s the later version swiss made Elite 101 diopter sight. This particular specimen is in a very nice condition.

The earlier Elit (note the difference in spelling!) diopters were manufactured by Olle Edström AB in Ljusdal Sweden. They are the second most common peep sights for these rifles, right after the Söderins. Here are pictures of the manual for the original Elit sight:

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söndag 15 februari 2009

Rebarreled at Norma

I took apart my 1944 m/96 and found an NP stamped replacement barrel. Note the absence of bluing between the area of the rear sight and the receiver.

Also there is an NP stamp at the stock, see picture. I wonder if Norma did the work with installing the Söderin diopter as well? The rifle must have been used a lot.

In the lower pic you can see the special longer than issued screw that secures the front of the accessory pistol grip. My grip didn´t come with one, so I had he screw made 1 cm or so longer, as well as cut for new threads.

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lördag 7 februari 2009

Silver Stock Disc

This is the stock disc of my CG 1918 Swedish Mauser m/96. It reads "Klippans Skyttkompani", a shooting club in the south of Sweden.

I believe the stamps indicate that it is made by silver. Most (?) ex. shooting club owned m/96 rifles seem to have been supplied with discs with the names/symbols of the clubs they belonged to. Probably for a good reason - imagine the confusion at the range with a hundred shooters all having identical rifles...

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Three Different Crown Stamp Variations

This is the Mauser Oberndorf Crown. The bottom line is a bit sagging, as can be seen in the picture above. Screws for these rifles were marked with an "M" symbol.

Next is the Carl-Gustaf crown stamp. I wish I had a better picture, you have to click it to see it in a bigger size. It can be recognized by its straight base. I have seen at least three or four different variations of this stamp - shape and size differs slightly.
Last is the Husqvarna "slanted" crown. Note how it is applied leaning to the right. The rifles made for FSR civilian shooters, as well as the m/38 rifles manufactured by Husqvarna Vapenfabriks Aktiebolag have this symbol.

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Some Diopter P0rn Again

OK, this is what a Fäldt diopter looks like when installed on a rifle.

I think it´s really cool, a super simple construction. And quite small & compact compared to most other peep sights for the swedish mauser.

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