tisdag 15 mars 2011

Old Postcard - Swedish Soldiers With m/96 Rifles

This is an old postcard featuring a group of swedish soldiers with their m/96 rifles. I do not know what year it dates from, but I think the rifles were hi tech at the time. I believe the soldiers wear the coat from the m/1886 uniform.

The men are numbered by hand with ink, but there is nothing written at the back of the card. I guess someone wrote the names down a long time ago, on some other piece of paper. Some guy who wanted to remember his buddies? Perhaps the officer did it, he´s the only one not numbered. Or maybe the recruit writing it wanted to forget him! He´s got a cool saber anyway. And a different coat & hat that would make the enemy snipers happy.

All rifles seem to have some kind of white "plug" at the muzzle.

The soldiers have the m/1910 cartridge belts, so it can´t be back in the 1800s. Some kind of paramilitary organization? Anyone with knowledge of old swedish uniforms - feel free to comment below!

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