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Vintage Swedish Mauser Ammo Boxes

Here are three old ammunition boxes. Essemtorped, made by Svenska Metallverken (SM) in Västerås and Norma Silvertorped. I guess they were made sometime in the 1960s. In the back is the old surplus m/41 ammo.

The silvertorped and the surplus ammo has a velocity of 790 m/s, and the Essemtorped is at 750 m/s. Yes, the cartridges are still there.

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Blogger Sharky sa...

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5 december 2011 09:26  
Blogger Sharky sa...

My blog is Four Bees on Blogger:

I have a Swedish Mauser model 1894-14 carbine that I have restored. I have also posted some of my old Norma ammunition boxes on my blog, as well as several pages with information about my research about the Swedish militray.......... good stuff!


Several of my recent pages are photographs of my Mauser and vintage Norma ammunition boxes.



Excellent blog! Very Good! I have it on my reading list. Thanks.

5 december 2011 09:31  
Anonymous glock guide rod sa...

Wow! I wish i could have some to try them.

25 januari 2012 03:34  
Anonymous Guns sa...

old Ammo usually makes trouble while shooting

12 december 2012 04:16  

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