måndag 23 februari 2009

Elit Kornring Front Sight

This is the complete Elit Kornring front sight set.

The kornring came with 3 different aperture rings, as seen above - 20,5, 22 and 23 mm. There are also a number of different inserts that are unique to this particular brand of front sight. I think I have most inserts, here are six of them anyway.

This kornring is very close to mint condition, do doubt thanks to the protective plastic cover. There is also a cover for the diopter itself, but covers are seldom seen for some reason.

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Anonymous Anonym sa...

I would LOVE to have a diopter sight on one of my M96's.

I've been looking for one, but wonder which is the best.

In your opinion, which of the Swedish diopter sights is the best?

Steve ("CalFed")

27 februari 2009 20:39  
Blogger F sa...

I haven´t shot them all. I believe the most modern units are the GF:s and the Elits. I use a Söderin myself (the most common diopter) and think it is a great sight.

If I were to install a peep sight on my other rifle I would go for something more odd like a Pramm or a Hauges. I like a vintage look to go with the general feel of the rifle.

28 februari 2009 04:44  
Anonymous Anonym sa...

Are M38 Husqvarna's very common in Sweden?

I recently got two and love them both.



Both seem as accurate as my M96's

Steve ("CalFed")

4 mars 2009 05:16  
Blogger F sa...

I´ve never seen one, I believe the m/96 rifles are waaay more common here in Sweden. Not that anyone would really care, sadly... "look at that $40 rifle on its way to the dumpster, it seems a bit shorter than the other ones".

To be serious, I think they look real nice and balanced. It would be fun to have/shoot one, but my 4 rifle licence is full at the moment.

7 mars 2009 13:06  
Blogger F sa...

Your m/38s seem to be in SUPER condition!

7 mars 2009 13:07  
Anonymous Anonym sa...

Wow. "look at that $40 rifle on its way to the dumpster, it seems a bit shorter than the other ones"

Is that common in Sweden?

Do they actually throw out Mauser rifles? If so, what a shmeful end to the best made mausers. They are hughly sought after collectors items here.

Thanks for the kind words about my Husqvarna M38's. They are in excellent shape and I got an excellent deal on them (by US standards).

Take care,

Steve (aka "Calfed")

8 mars 2009 10:40  
Blogger F sa...

Well, almost true. Those rifles are very common here, of course. Loads are getting scrapped each year. Our 4 rifle rule makes the market totally non existent for them. I saw 4 or 5 ready for destruction at the local police, plus a dead mint cg63 with an Elite 101 waiting in line. The last m/96 I saw for sale was at $33...
However, many are sold to US dealers importing batches of them.

8 mars 2009 14:46  
Anonymous Anonym sa...

Man, what a waste.

Do they at least try and strip the parts off, such as sights, bolts, etc?


8 mars 2009 23:33  
Blogger F sa...

No, they don´t care at all. But a lot of acessories are sold at ebay by swedish sellers, if you ever would look for slings et.c.

12 mars 2009 13:16  
Anonymous Anonym sa...

I've been watching ebay and the price of the target sights are unbelieveable.

I finally bought two m96's with the target sights already attached.

One of the sights is a soderin and the other is a Hellqvist



I'll let you know how they shoot after they arrive


12 mars 2009 19:53  
Blogger F sa...

Nice!! The Söderin and the Hellqvist have the same hole pattern by the way - the only interchangeable diopters for these rifles.

It looks like you have m/Jarno front tunnel sights? I think I have two or three somewhere, in different outer diameters for different sight picture.

13 mars 2009 02:33  
Anonymous Anonym sa...

Aahh, my diopter swede M96's arrived and seem to be in great shape.


I posed a few questions in the link. I wonder if you can advise as to any ingformation about the issues I raised.

Thanks, Steve

19 mars 2009 11:15  

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