söndag 15 februari 2009

Rebarreled at Norma

I took apart my 1944 m/96 and found an NP stamped replacement barrel. Note the absence of bluing between the area of the rear sight and the receiver.

Also there is an NP stamp at the stock, see picture. I wonder if Norma did the work with installing the Söderin diopter as well? The rifle must have been used a lot.

In the lower pic you can see the special longer than issued screw that secures the front of the accessory pistol grip. My grip didn´t come with one, so I had he screw made 1 cm or so longer, as well as cut for new threads.

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Anonymous Anonym sa...

Very nice.

Cool to have a Norma barreled Mauser.

Wonder if you can help me with a question. I recently picked up several new Swede Mausers--an M96 and two Husqvarna M38's.

The M96 came with a tag hanging from the cleaning rod. This has a numeral stamped in it.


That is the thread dealing with the M96.

ever seen a tag like that on the cleaning rod?

Thanks, Steve ("Calfed")

23 februari 2009 06:59  
Blogger F sa...

Hi again!!

I haven´t seen a tag like that on an m/96, but I´ve seen them somewhere during my military service. (I think they were used to mark keys???)

I guess it´s quite possible that it is a rack number to keep the rifles in order in the barracks.

23 februari 2009 12:07  
Anonymous Anonym sa...

Are M38 Husqvarna's very common in Sweden?

I recently got two and love them both.



Both seem as accurate as my M96's

Steve ("CalFed")

1 mars 2009 22:46  

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