söndag 21 december 2008

Shooting m/96 and CG 63

Me and my old man went to the range to try out my 1944 Husqvarna m/96 with a Söderin diopter and an Elit front globe. I shot 2 inch groups at 100 meters.

The trigger was very different from my other mausers, very light pressure needed here. It feels like this rifle has been blueprinted in comparison to my heavy trigger carbine. Also, the barrel bands came off all the time. It turned out that the metal strip that secures them had been carefully sawed off - making it possible for the bands to be removed a bit by hand. Thereby letting the barrel become less restricted in its movements. What is this? Some old cheater trick to shoot better in competitions?

I also tried the scoped CG 63 my dad is using. It knocks down moose in the autumn. It turned out that shot I well with it: best five shot group was 1/2 inch + a flyer.

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