torsdag 18 december 2008

Christmas Shootout

The big fireballs from the muzzle a carbine can be very impressive a cloudy day such as this! We also shot some silly 5,56mm and 9mm semi automatics, but the loud blasts from the m/94 dominated the scene.

A lot of fun! My carbine is a shooter first and foremost and no collectors item - we went through a few very fast 30 meter series on military figure targets. I also tried it with the loooong sword like bayonet attatched, but this was a windy day so it actually caught wind - and made shooting tricky! Off it went.

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Anonymous Anonym sa...

It's going to be another chrismas shootout in 2009. Hopefully in late october. See you then!

2 oktober 2009 13:23  

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