tisdag 30 september 2008

Elite Front Sight Installed

Here we have my 1944 "FSR" Husky. The front sights pictured are for diopter use - my new Elit to the left, a korntunnel m/Jarno with a diopterkorn installed on the rifle and an early Pramm to the right.

I removed the jarmo and installed the Elit. It turned out that the Elit was full of glue! Not again! The glue fetish seems to have been really common among gunsmiths of the 50s and 60s. Some heat took it away, and here´s what the mussle looks like today:

I feel that sight picture is alot better with the Elit unit. And what is a diopterkorn? Well, it is a fatter and taller front sight blade for use with a tunnel type front sight cover. To be used with products lacking disc inserts.

I have to take a trip to the range soon. And I must take daylight pictures for my posts, these are too dark.

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