tisdag 30 september 2008

Swedish Mauser Cleaning Bolt

This is a special cleaning bolt, the idea is to avoid damaging the barrel during cleaning. An added bonus of course, is that the magazine won´t get filled with vapenfett 101! The smell of that stuff results in tears among male swedes of older generations.

The reason could be som kind of nostalgic rush or more likely (and less dangerous for the individual) the poisonous fumes coming from the can.

As far as I know, other countries like Germany used wooden cleaning bolts. Due to the swedish tradition of precision engineering and over all pickyness/white gloves inspection type stuff, a nice snugly fitting checkered metal bolt was issued.

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Blogger Joel VanAntwerp sa...

Would it be possible for you to publish a drawing of the cleaning bolt? I have access to a machine shop and I would like to fabricate one. Thanks.

20 oktober 2011 18:28  

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