torsdag 21 oktober 2010

Almina Target Practice Device

Here´s a fun accessory for the swedish mauser - an Almina target practice device. This is a very clever construction that uses a series of rods to transfer the impact from the firing pin to a needle punching holes in a small paper target.

I found a complete set a year ago, but tried it out just recently. And it does work! A presicion machined device like this would be very expensive to manufacture today. But, it is of course A LOT cooler than any computer target practice program!

The Almina takes a few minutes to assemble and calibrate, but it is very easy to use. My kit is complete except for the manual. I found a great guide HERE, and assembly instructions HERE. There are a few cool pics in a swedish tread HERE.

I´ll post a range report sometime in the future!

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Anonymous Anonym sa...

Vad är värdet på en almina utrustning??

3 mars 2012 12:38  
Blogger F sa...

Ca 4-500 verkar dom ligga på. Jag vet en spekulant om du vill sälja.

6 mars 2012 06:20  
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