lördag 3 januari 2009

Soldier with m/94 taking cover behind doghouse

This is a cool pic published at helsingborgs dagblads website, showning a swedish soldier with his m/94 swedish mauser carbine.

To be absolutely sure not to get hit by mortar fire, he hides behind what looks like a doghouse!

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Blogger Brigid sa...

I took the buttplate off my latest acquisition and there's the little tag with the name of the soldier who owned it. Appears to be a Swiss address.. Someone mentioned a site where one could look that sort of thing up. Any ideas?

4 januari 2009 07:17  
Blogger F sa...

You mean a swedish adress? Shoot me an email with the details at rickenbacker666 at hot mail, and I´ll try to sort it out.

4 januari 2009 09:55  

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