torsdag 7 augusti 2008

Rear sight for my m/94 carbine

It´s hard to find an original rear ladder sight for my m/94. Ebay sellers in the US won´t ship them to Europe. They probably suspect them to end up in the wrong hands: the evil hands of all those m/94 carbine armed talibans!

Finding m/94 parts in Sweden is not easy. The sight is the last piece of the puzzle. I´m thinking of getting a "round" mojo front sight until I stumble upon an original rear sight. I guess it can be used with the Hellqvist jaktdiopter that´s already installed on the reciever. Not totally butt ugly as the jaktdiopter is very small and discreete. Also, the front sight will be hidden somewhat by the protective ears of the nosepiece.

More news: I found an original, not sanded m94-14 stock + handguard. All complete except for the round brass plate. I will probably use it instead of the sanded Oberndorf stock.

What I need is the following: A rear m/94 sight. A two screw brass plate marked I20 or K4.

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