fredag 22 augusti 2008

Hellqvist and Pramm Diopters

Note the small size of the Hellqvist Jaktdiopter I removed from my ex. sporter m/94 swedish mauser carbine. The big diopter is a Pramm.

I think the Hellqvist must be a nice alternative to a traditional diopter sight for someone who like to keep the traditional look on his rifle. It is sooo small when seen next to a normal diopter sight. The Pramm in the picture, is a post 1953 model according to this post. The difference is an added side locking screw. The Pramm was constructed by Otto Pramm and introduced to the public in 1945. I have an early style Pramm clamp on front sight tunnel as well, for use with this sight.

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