tisdag 12 augusti 2008

Drilled and Tapped Reciever

Look what someone did to my innocent carbine! I´ll probably leave the holes as they are, they are a part of it´s history anyway.

The reciever can be TIG welded, grinded, polished and reblued. But I feel the blueing will look too perfect compared to the rest. I´ll make my mind up later.


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Blogger Brigid sa...

Thanks for the comment and the visit. I love your site, even better than all the articles I've seen.

I'm one quarter Scandanavian, though look thoroughly Celtic, those genes dominated, but I make some wicked lefse and Krumkake. Will post those sometimes.


12 augusti 2008 15:20  
Anonymous Gustav sa...

Men, varför har de borrat i den?

13 augusti 2008 02:17  
Anonymous fredrik sa...

Se här: http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd285/mauser_user/PIC_0597.jpg

13 augusti 2008 02:48  

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