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SM sikte - AGJ ram rear sight

I recently aquired a correct AGJ Ram rear sight for my 1944 Husqvarna. It is kind of similar to the later m/55 sights found on m/41B snipers. As I put it on the rifle, I noticed that the sight interferes a bit with the diopter sight picture when the Söderin is adjusted low. If this is a problem when shooting at 100 meters, I will remove the AGJ temporarily. Could this be the reason why many ex. shooting club mausers miss their rear sights?

I read somewhere that the late series "FSR" rifles were equipped with this kind of sight, instead of the "T" marked m/38 ladder sight. Also, my rifle has a small mark from the tip of the micrometer adjustment screw, exactly in the same location as the screw on the AGJ.
Note that the sight base is marked with the letters "SS" - husqvarna inspector Sten Stenmo. Earlier CG:s had those markings at the side of the reciever. However, the recievers of the Husqvarna rifles where hardened a lot more, so the letters had to be stamped elsewhere.

The SM sikte was manufactured by AG Johanssons Metallfabrik in Västerås, Sweden.

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Anonymous Anonym sa...

What a beauty that is.

I've been looking for a Husqvarna m38 for a while now, but they are quite pricey.

Are the AGJ rear sights and diopter sights commonly available over in sweden? They seem to be very difficult to obtain here in the States.

Here is a link to an M96 CG I recently bought at an auction in San Francisco.

I won't actually receive it for several weeks, but am looking forward to shooting it.

Steve (aka "Calfed")

21 juni 2008 16:13  
Blogger F sa...

What a nice 1923 you bought!

The sights are quite common in Sweden, a few swedes also sell them on ebay. They seem to command prices of something in the ballpark of $170-200 or so for a Söderin rear sight.

I will probably sell a number of items later on, among them a rare super low profile Hellqvist "jaktdiopter" for the m/96. Bookmark the blog and check back.

22 juni 2008 01:36  
Anonymous Anonym sa...

Oh, I have book marked your blog and made several comments.

My relatives came from Sweden and I enjoy reading about life in Sweden. Especially activities in Sweden that I enjoy doing myself.

I visited some of my relatives many years ago in Karlstaat. Their last name is Wik.

Take care, Steve

22 juni 2008 16:35  
Blogger F sa...

Funny coincidence: all 3 of my mauser rifles come from the Karlstad area. I bought them from a gun shop in a small town 15 minutes from Karlstad.

They were trade ins from people buying brand new sporter rifles. Swedes are only allowed to have four rifles, so old stuff like this gets traded in for free and scrapped. Very unlike the US.

25 juni 2008 10:44  
Anonymous Anonym sa...

4 rifles, huh?

I can see that might lead to people "trading up" as their tastes change. Although "trading up" in the case of Swedish Mausers would be a misnomer--they are already at or near the top of the heap.

My son and I shoot in a military silhouette match ever month. The rules call for a 50 year old or older rifle, standard military sights, "as issued" triggers and barrels. We shoot at steel silhouettes of chickens, pigs, turkeys , and rams at ranges of 200-500 meters.


If you click on "match results" you will see most of the "top guns" use an M96 Swedish Mauser.

3 juli 2008 19:59  
Anonymous Anonym sa...

Would this type of sight work on my m96 or would I need a different model?

20 december 2008 18:54  

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