fredag 8 augusti 2008

1907 m/94-14 stock

I managed to find yet another carbine stock. This one is not sanded at all, and totally original. Also, it´s from 1907 - the same year as the reciever!

Even if the result of the whole carbine resurrection operation will be an almost totally mismatched shooter, I like everything to match when it comes to age and era of manufacture. Now I´m probably as close as I can get.

The new stock is very worn from use, but never modified in any way except for a missing brass plate. It has the yellow trajectory decal with shellac. I think the first impression of the rifle will be that it´s an old original weapon.

As seen in the picture above, this stock was modified to accept an bayonet, unlike the Mauser Oberndorf stock I intended to use to begin with.

These carbines are commonly called m/94-14 among collectors. In 1914 a program started to convert all m/94:s, and something like 90% of them got this modification.
I think the m/94-14 look a lot better for some reason! Not prettier, but more massive and aggressive.

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