söndag 16 mars 2008

New Range Report! Circumstances Still Primitive!

Me and my dad once again decided to go to the range. The weather was fantastic today, the sun was shining , +2 C and you could almost walk on the snow. We went to another range this time, a place that hadn´t been used in a few months (?), the snow was very deep and we had to walk on some old snow mobile tracks to get to the end of the range.

Due to the snow, it was impossible to get the target suspension thingies to work right, and we ended up sticking the targets down in the snow, supporting them with short wooden sticks. Primitive, but functional.
I had my 1918 Swedish Mauser rifle with open sights of course, and my father had his CG 63. The CG 63 is a factory match rifle version of the m/96, they used old recievers (in his case a 1902 Carl Gustaf) and put match barrels and "modern" stocks on them, as well as polished and lightened the trigger mechanism. His gun has a scope and is used every season for hunting moose. We fired at 100m:

Hm... recoil looks a bit heavy. Or is it that his arms are getting weak? After a few shots, it was my turn:

We realised that trying to shoot from a huge pile of snow really really sucks!!! For every third step we took we sunk down to our knees, the sun was melting the top layer a bit and things were getting difficult. I can tell you that high pulse from running around in deep snow makes things a little bit more interesting when trying to hit a target. The threat of getting the sink-down-in-the-snow-surpise was an extra bonus. Look at the pic - after I fired that round I sunk down again!

Also, look at the bench in the background. Originally, we figured we could shoot from it. Then I discovered that the sand bag was stuck in the ice! At the wrong place.

Here are the results from the first series:

I was shooting a bit high, I figured I had to aim directly at the bottom of the target to hit the center. (Time to order a higher front sight blade!) Still a decent group thinking of the fact that I was shooting without support on a hostile pile of snow. The next series:

Too low this time! Still a decent group, I´m at least hitting the target! Higher! Next one:

OK, height is getting better, but I won´t be able to group tighter than this. All in all, a great result I think, as I didn´t expect any of my bullets to hit the target after my first series. This was hard! I prefer sitting down with support for the gun and so on. Probably crappy shooting for some, but I am very pleased.

For our next session at the range I need the following:
  1. Higher front sight blade.
  2. Better range.
  3. No snow.
  4. A bench.

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Blogger Gustav sa...

Snyggt! Jag måste få hänga med och fota någon gång när jag kommer upp!

17 mars 2008 08:00  

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