lördag 22 mars 2008

Bought my second swedish mauser rifle

Wohoo! I just purchased a second mauser rifle - this time a 1940s Husqvarna m/38. I do not know that much about the gun at all, I bought if unseen over the phone and the price was very low as usual here in Sweden - $76.

According to the seller, it is from the 40s and has threads on the barrel for the blank firing device. It is in OK condition with some scratches on the stock. Only modifications seem to be a Söderin target sight and a missing rear open sight. If numbers match or not, I have no idea. At least until the rifle arrives by mail in a week or so. It will be very interesting to shoot with the Söderin diopter at 300 meters. The reason I bought this m/38 is that it cost about the same as a gunsmith would charge me for drilling my dear unaltered 1918 Carl Gustaf. I would hate to desecrate that weapon!

It will be very interesting to see what this actually is - an m/38 should have a bent bolt handle as far as I know. Probably a mismatched bolt? It doesn´t really matter for me as I like to shoot my rifles, I´m not a true hardcore collector type guy anyway.

I believe it has an Elit kornring (see pic above)? It will be fun to take it to the range and see if I can hit the target at all at 300 meters, I have never shot at that distance before. And the diopter sight is also a new experience to me, almost anyway - I had an AK5 assault rifle with a peep style sight during my military service. I must say that I never really liked the sight picture of that gun... but this rifle is in a totally different ballpark when it comes to vintage vibe and all around coolness: it just has to be great!

Look at the picture above, the stock disc is probably from a shooting club of some kind. I don´t know what it reads. I know that Husqvarna made a lot of rifles during the second world war, and many of them were delivered to FSR - frivilliga skytterörelsen. We´ll see if I have the time to take it to the range before the roads get too bad because of the spring weather. I hope I will be able to try it out soon. Check back for a range report!

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Anonymous Anonym sa...

FYI, the missing disc isn't a shooting club, it describes the accuracy of the rifle and condition of the bore.


17 augusti 2008 18:18  
Blogger F sa...

No, not in this case. The rifle was sold for the civilian market. Normal m/96 rifles had the disc you describe.

18 augusti 2008 12:41  

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