fredag 22 februari 2008

Looking for a Pramm dipoter

This is a fantastic looking diopter sight! I love the "mechanical" look it has! A Pramm swedish diopter sight from the 1940s. It looks way better than the usual Söderin and especially the Elit units. I probably don´t have the balls (or lack of...) to drill & tap my beautiful unaltered 1918 Carl Gustaf to install it. What to do? Buy another cheap m/96 with Pramm already installed? That is probably the smartest thing to do when thinking of the prices here in Sweden, something in the ballpark of $150 for gun+sight. Or buy a rifle in crappier condition and install it?

NOTE: I found these pics on the internet a long time ago, and do not remember who to ask for permission to use them. Contact me if you own them and want them removed!

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