torsdag 16 april 2009

Swedish Mauser Shooting, March 2009

Here are a few pics from a recent range session. Note the frozen sandbag I used as a support for the rifle! I brought my 1944 with a diopter sight and some cheap ammo.

I quickly realized I had the wrong aperture ring and insert in the Elit front sight. The light conditions made a smaller aperture ring more suited, and the big ring insert blocked the edge of the black area of the target. This made centering everything a lot harder.

Next time I will bring all my bits and pieces with me. I have a lot to learn about using peep sights & hope the right setup will improve my groups. Or maybe it´s more about the shooter...

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Anonymous Anonym sa...

Mighty fine shootin'

and great rifles.

I love my "Husky" m/38.

7 maj 2009 11:54  
Anonymous Anonym sa...

Hej på dej! I have just bought a m38 here in New Zealand and am eager to learn all about it. Havent fired it yet but it wont be long.
Thanks for all your information & good pics.
Where´s the best place to get accessories in Sweden? I´ll be there next summer (yours!) Cheers!
Vi ses!

8 november 2009 19:00  

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