söndag 18 november 2007

A new adjustable sight

In 1941 Sweden changed ammo to the new "Troped" bullet, and the sights were all fitted with "Västerås" refined sight adapters. My rifle was never fitted with the insert sight, and probably never saw any action at all.
I realized I needed a modern adjustable sight - I´d like to shoot it at 100 meters or so, and the original sight goes from 300 and onward. With the old type ammo! Problem.

The solution was a $29 Williams Open Sight from ebay, adjustable for both windage and elevation! No modification was required to the rifle, and the installation is very discreete.

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Anonymous Anonym sa...

Which exact sight part number is this?

24 april 2009 09:44  
Blogger F sa...

I don´t know, I think they have two variants: one peep style and then this one. And it sucked, because it didn´t affect the point of impact like I wanted and it was ugly! Get a sight adjuster for the front blade instead. And get a higher blade, of course.

24 april 2009 13:14  

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