söndag 18 november 2007

A present for myself - a 1918 Swedish Mauser rifle

In october 2007 I got myself a real nice present, a 1918 Mauser m/96 in very good condition. I bought it here in Sweden, and paid about $76 for it. It is made by "Carl Gustaf Stads Gevärsfaktori", and sports a brand new NOS barrel. This rifle model was the main armament for swedish soldiers, from the late ninteenth centry and well into the 1950s. In fact, in was used as a sniper rifle until about 1995.

The m/96, known as the Swedish Mauser in the US, has a reputation among enthusiasts for being extremely well made and also accurate for a military surplus rifle. Sadly, in Sweden it is often seen as a redneck weapon, only used by those who are too cheap to buy a "proper" new and shiny toy. Still, many scandinavian moose are shot every year by more or less modified m/96.

Note the ultra-cool late 1800s ladder type sight! When flipped in its up position, the rifle is supposed to shoot 300, 600 and 2000 meters. The soldiers fired together in units, fighting off charging enemy cavallery and stuff. Flipped down, in its "nearest" setting, it is marked for 300 meters. Remember, the 1896 Mauser construction was based on experiences gained during the german 1870s wars with France.

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Blogger Steve sa...

I love your new M96--what a beauty. Was the price that you quoted an average price? I can guarantee you that you will not find a Swedish Mauser that nice for anything like $76.00 in the US. Especially with a new barrel.

I have several m96's and an M96/38 and love everyone of them. My most recent buys are an all matching (except the cleaning rod) 1900 Obendorf 96 and a mix-master 1901 Carl Gustaf 96/38. I fired the Obendorf recently and it was very accurate.

My son and I shoot in a "military silhouette match" here in California. The rules require that a participant use a 50 year old or older military rifle, "as issued". Silhouettes of chickens, pigs, turkeys and rams, 10 each are fired at 200, 300, 385 and 500 meters. A perfect score is 40.There is a special class for guys who want to use scope or diopter sights-the "open" class.

Here's a link to the range that we shoot at.


If you click on the "match results icon, you will see that many of the high scorers use m/96 Swede's. My son and I use Swiss rifles right now, but are looking forward to transitioning to the Swedish Mausers.

I visited Sweden back in the 1960's and visited an uncle and cousins that lived in Karlstadt. You live in a beautiful country.

Steve (aka "Calfed")

17 december 2007 09:26  
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